Executive Performance Consultants

The goal is not about breaking even, it’s about breaking through – to new levels of sales growth, profitability, and leadership transformation.


Examples of
Real Sales

- Increased sales growth from 14% to 33% in 1 year
- Increased sales growth from 0% to 13.5% in 10 months
- Sales 15-35% ahead of competition in one year
- 30% increase in self-generated face-to-face appointments


Our Key Focus

Our innovative sales and leadership training and sales coaching
programs help achieve measurable improvement in:

Sales Growth
Cost Saving Productivity and Process Improvements
Individual and Team Leadership Effectiveness


Individual and Team Leadership Coaching

One-on-one executive coaching
Leadership team coaching
Driving cost savings and profitability



Based on the feedback I’ve received from others, I can honestly say that I’ve seen some pretty remarkable changes in my leadership. In fact, it’s impacted most everyone in my area and our culture. My subordinates say they’ve seen me change in big ways, helping better motivate them, break down barriers and work better as a team…

VP, Transportation Industry Company

As vice president of a national moving company… I have to say I’ve found the coaching with Dr. McCarthy early in my career invaluable. It was instrumental for helping my advancement within the organization occur at a much faster pace than it probably would have without the program. The initial coaching helped me change some very important things about my leadership… I highly recommend Dr. McCarthy and the program!

VP, National Moving Company

The work really had a great impact on our leadership team, the whole way we run our field operations and our company profitability. One of our most important goals with the program was to increase net pre-tax profit margin. We did accomplish this, however not by just a small amount, actually 7% in one year. In my opinion, if we had stayed where we were without the program I don’t think we would have ever been able to achieve this…

Tony Nickolaus, VP Field Operations, Mulcahy Inc.

We found Dr. McCarthy’s High Performance Sales Coaching Program to be particularly important for our company in breaking through our own “glass ceiling” in sales for what we thought we were capable of achieving… To our surprise, we not only achieved our challenge goal but also surpassed it with 33% sales growth … I found it very different and far more effective than other traditional sales trainings we had experienced…

Vince Underwood, VP Sales, RT/Dygert International

Why should you work with us?

Executive Performance Consultants, located in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area, provides leadership and sales training to all types and sizes of organizations. EPC’s mission is dedication to creating real, observable behavior change in individuals and organizations using action-oriented, innovative programs.

What’s Different About EPC Programs?

It’s our unique innovations in leadership, sales strategies, and coaching processes that increase the speed of behavior change and accelerate measurable results.

Leading-Edge Best Practice Sales Training

Leading edge sales training and coaching methods that consistently improve sales growth: obtaining customer proof data to factually support value proposition and product differentiation, constructing “Standardized Best Practices,” and in-depth ongoing coaching of sales people/sales managers.

Individual Executive Leadership Coaching

The greater involvement of peers and subordinates throughout the executive leadership coaching process improves behavioral outcomes through just-in-time feedback supporting progress, preventing slip-ups, and building team unity.

Leadership Training and Team Building

Combining individual and team leadership training, this program installs an ongoing coaching culture within the team using our open, honest mutual co-coaching process, sparking new team building energy and unity.

Company-Wide Employee Coaching Culture

Co-coaching can be cascaded to all levels of employees who then learn to coach one another, creating new excitement and teamwork for driving productivity-process improvements. This program creates the ideal performance management system.

Cost Saving Process Improvements Training

Coaching leaders in how to improve profit: how to drive cost saving productivity-process improvement efforts and how to insure lean/six sigma projects get better results.

Innovative Programs

Individual Executive Coaching

Helping high potential, strategically important leaders realize their highest level of achievement and exceptional leadership.

Leadership Training and Team Building

Harnessing the collective power of teamwork within leadership teams to make breakthroughs in organizational performance goals.

Sales Training and Sales Coaching

Innovative sales improvement program using leading-edge evidence based sales practices using factual proof data to overcome objections and develop real competitive advantage.

Cost Saving Process Improvements

Training teams in skills of exceptional leadership, mutual co-coaching, and how to create new efficiencies and major cost saving process improvement