About EPC and CEO/Founder

Executive Performance Consultants is committed to creating demonstrable behavior change in people and organizations. The reality is it’s very hard to change human behavior. Most group classroom trainings result in rapid “fade out” of learning, providing poor ROI. Research shows that coaching of at least 6-12 months duration is most effective for producing lasting change in leadership behavior. Forward-thinking organizations choose to invest training dollars in coaching and related practices that create permanent change in behavior that will also result in bottom-line financial improvement for a clear ROI.

Dr. Tim McCarthy, CEO of Executive Performance Consultants, is a Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist with over 24 years of experience providing unique strategic business improvement coaching, consultation, and training programs to ensure that the leaders and organizations he works with achieve their measurable financial and customer goals. His work centers on transformations in sales, profitability, and leadership effectiveness.

Dr. McCarthy’s innovative psychological-behavioral approach to sales challenges conventional business thinking, helping salespeople and companies employ leading-edge coaching practices to measurably increase sales. Working withCEOs to senior VPs and mid-level managers in organizations varying in size and type, Dr. McCarthy’s executive coaching and leadership development programs have helped many make life-changing personal leadership transformations.

As founder and chairman of Presidents’ Strategy Board from 1992 to 2009, Dr. McCarthy has extensive experience in working with CEOs and presidents providing unique insights and perspectives for the CEO. He is a frequent invited speaker, contributing author for local business magazines including Minnesota Business, and is author of Coaching You In Leading Edge Evidence Based Sales Practices.