Company-Wide Employee Coaching

The co-coaching process has had a really big effect in helping us change our culture. Everybody is much more open and able to talk straight with one another in a positive way. It opened up communication we’d never had before within our leadership team and all the way into the field.

Tony Nickolaus, VP Field Operations, Mulcahy Inc.

The cascade coaching process has opened up the communication and feedback among my managers and their subordinates helping us work much better together, being more productive… All employees in our area give coaching feedback to their managers and to each other; a lot of it is positive which boosts morale, but they also give helpful corrective feedback.

Roger Skime, EVP Snowmobile Engineering, Arctic Cat Inc.

We then used the Cascade Co-Coaching process with everyone else in the organization and it is having the same effect. In the past our people have tended to be defensive and resistive to honest constructive criticism and feedback. Now, they are more open and receptive to this process. There is a mentality of sharing and caring about each other as well as the company. They are much more interested in talking about how they can improve personally as well as the company.

John Garon, General Manager, Federal Companies, St. Louis

The EPC co-coaching process cascades from senior leaders to all levels of management and employees who then learn to coach one another, reduce blaming-complaining, and work in greater unity. A culture of greater employee engagement, accountability, and teamwork is created. The company’s performance management system is taken to a new level with specific individualized improvement goals and ongoing, continued coaching for everyone.

Open Employee Coaching Culture

The option is available to extend the co-coaching process from any given team of leaders (Leadership Team Co-Coaching Program) to all employees creating a company-wide coaching culture. Open, respectful co-coaching feedback practiced among all employees has an equivalent team building effect on the broader company culture. Individual development planning and ongoing coaching for all employees occurs at every level augmenting a company’s current performance management system, taking it to a dynamic new level. Co-coaching triggers excitement and interest among employees, helps break down walls among workgroups, and creates greater unity while working to achieve business objectives.

Helps Drive Productivity-Process Improvements

This co-coaching process is also used to create higher energy and enthusiasm for driving major cost saving productivity-process improvements with our Coaching for Profit-Cost Savings Program.