Cost Saving & Process Improvements Training

Our management team has gained new insights about themselves as leaders and has taken our company’s quality to a higher level…In the first 3 months of applying the program’s quality improvement efforts, we’ve realized a 30% dpm drop in customer rejections. We project we’ll attain 50% less dpms by year end Dec. 06 compared to Dec. 05… I believe we will achieve world-class quality in the near future.

Mike Larson, President & CEO, Lou-Rich Inc.

Actually, I was at first a real skeptic and reluctant to even start the program…After starting it, however, I can honestly say it was one of the best things I’d ever done…We are on our way to netting a much higher cost savings amount this year as a result…All in all, I have to say I’ve been exceedingly happy with the results of working with Dr. McCarthy and his unusual coaching program which has made my managers, as well as myself, better leaders, helping us improve the way we get business done.

Roger Skime, EVP Snowmobile Engineering, Arctic Cat Inc.

The work really had a great impact on our leadership team, the whole way we run our field operations and our company profitability. One of our most important goals with the program was to increase net pre-tax profit margin. We did accomplish this, however not by just a small amount, actually 7% in one year. In my opinion, if we had stayed where we were without the program I don’t think we would have ever been able to achieve this…

Tony Nickolaus, VP Field Operations, Mulcahy Inc.

Going beyond standard leadership coaching and action learning projects, in this unique program leaders learn very specific profit-making skills to achieve major cost saving productivity-process improvement objectives. For companies already engaged in Lean or Six Sigma efforts, leaders are coached in the facilitative and leadership skills necessary to avoid project failure and maximize financial results.

Leadership Development & Profit Improvement

This unique EPC program combines leadership training and coaching for profit improvement. It addresses the primary need of business—how to reduce costs and improve profitability, especially during any market downturn. Designed to develop talent, identify strengths and development areas, build teams and teach the skills of how to drive major productivity-process improvement efforts, companies working with EPC often recoup the program fee within 3–6 months and achieve substantial cost savings targets for major ROI.

Maximizes Lean/Six Sigma Efforts

The program is also designed specifically to support the implementation of Lean Management, Six Sigma, and other cost saving initiatives already in place, maximizing the success of those efforts resulting in cost savings achieved. It does so through a specialized coaching program showing leaders how to overcome common stumbling blocks that occur when implementing such initiatives. For example, a primary consultant for GE’s Six Sigma says that in working with his other clients only about 30% have had a true Six Sigma cultural transformation, 50% have tactical results that justified their investment, and about 20% have totally wasted their money. Of particular import was the finding that 60% of project failures were due specifically to poor team dynamics and poor facilitative leadership behaviors.

Coaching Key Skills To Drive Initiatives

Similarly, we have found that large-scale process improvement efforts and cost saving initiatives often fail or are only partially successful due to ignoring the importance of necessary individual and team leadership skills. For example, a few of these leadership skills include: efficient facilitation and execution of meetings; creating employee interest and involvement; team communication and member dynamics; and effective application of formal process improvement methods.

Subsequently, our Leadership Team Coaching for Breakthrough Business Improvement was designed to coach leaders and their teams in the key skills required to drive more successful productivity-process improvement cost saving initiatives.

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