Individual Executive Leadership Coaching

It’s helped me become a much better leader in a relatively short period of time. I’m grateful for that. It’s also gratifying to know that I’ve helped my area be a more positive, productive place for everyone to work in. I never would have discovered this without the coaching program.

VP, Transportation Industry Company

Actually, there’s rarely a day when I don’t remember and practice the most important insights and skills I learned from the coaching. If one chooses to truly embrace it, the coaching program, from my own experience as well as observation of others, offers a great process for guiding one in how to become a better leader.

VP, National Moving and Storage Company

This 1½-year personal leadership coaching program offers comprehensive assessment of strengths and development areas coupled with intensive follow-up coaching to achieve actual change in behavior and skills most essential to career success. Every participant in this program has shown measurable improvement in leadership evidenced by before and after ratings and/or comments in development goals.

Executive Derailment

Research shows that 30%–50% of all high-potential managers derail and are fired, leave employment early, or reach a premature ceiling level. Why wait for this to occur? Why not be proactive in giving leaders the individual coaching they need to be successful? This 1½-year personal leadership coaching program offers a comprehensive assessment of strengths, development areas, and intensive follow up coaching. This process is excellent for coaching key leaders in an organization for talent development, advancement, and succession purposes.

Face-To-Face Co-Worker Feedback

Unlike standard approaches to executive coaching where peers and subordinates are not involved in the initial assessment, goal setting, and follow up coaching, this program includes all levels—superiors, peers, and subordinates—in giving face-to-face feedback and support to the coachee. Since development areas are more likely to occur in interactions with peers and subordinates, these assessments often can be more relevant than those of upper management.

EPC’s 360° Survey

In addition, trying to rely on 360° surveys for feedback has major limitations because the structural design of most 360° co-worker assessments fails to elicit sufficient written feedback comments from subordinates and peers. Consequently, EPC has developed our own 360° survey, which has been designed specifically to draw out detailed written anonymous comments from respondents, especially peers and subordinates.

Internal Coaching Team

The Internal Coaching Team, involving 3–4 co-workers with representation from all three levels, superiors, peers, and subordinates, is responsible for direct coaching feedback from the beginning to the end of the program. These coaching enhancements have greatly improved the outcome and speed of clients’ behavior change. Every person participating in this program has shown measurable improvement in leadership development goals evidenced in before and after ratings and written comments.

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