Leadership Training and Team Building

We learned to open ourselves up, share the good and the bad, became vulnerable as we exposed our strengths and opportunities. We became accountable for our goals and learned to reach out and help our peers attain their goals as well. We are less defensive as a whole team and relating to each other more openly and patiently.

Sheri Halbakken, Administrative Manager, Federal Companies, St. Louis

Our company has had leadership classes, individual executive leadership coaching, and formal team building programs in the past. However, Dr. McCarthy’s program has had a much larger impact than anything I have experienced since joining Federal… The effect has created an excitement and energy through out our entire workforce that is new to the company… It is very different from other traditional leadership training, coaching, and team building programs.

John Garon, General Manager, Federal Companies, St. Louis

I’ve been tremendously pleased with the outcome of the work. We have seen major change in our managers, their people and in the way we all work together. My managers have learned new skills… I actually see a real culture change in my managers and their people being more helpful and cooperative with the usual finger-pointing gone. My leadership team has learned new skills for running meetings, executing plans, and coaching their people.

Roger Skime, EVP Snowmobile Engineering, Arctic Cat Inc.

One of our most innovative leadership training programs combines individual and team coaching. All members embark on a discovery process to develop their individual leadership skills and also improve how they work together as a team. Our co-coaching process creates an ideal culture of open, honest peer coaching triggering new team energy and cohesiveness.

Individual & Team Development

This innovative leadership development program combines coaching individual executives along with the entire leadership team. Participants gain new leadership insights about how they operate individually and how their team functions collectively. The program blends the best of individual executive leadership development with a team building experience that takes the group to new levels of effectiveness and performance.

Team Co-Coaching

EPC’s Leadership Team Co-Coaching process creates an ongoing, permanent culture of open, honest peer coaching. Team members actually co-coach one another giving direct face-to-face feedback regarding both positive strengths and self-limiting development areas. This provides a much higher level of support and accountability to speed real behavior change. Each leader shares responsibility for the development of the team members.

Powerful Team Building Effect

Additionally, this program installs a framework to insure that co-coaching feedback continues as a permanent part of the leadership culture. Team co-coaching has an unusually powerful teambuilding effect, injecting new energy and positive attitude within the group in a way not before experienced.

Cascading Co-Coaching Option

Note: The co-coaching program can be cascaded from any given team of leaders to all employees, creating an employee-wide culture of coaching (see Cascade Co-Coaching—Employee Culture Change) This process is also used with our Coaching for Profit-Cost Savings program to create higher energy and enthusiasm for driving major cost saving productivity-process improvements.

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