Pre-Employment Testing and Interviewing

The right hire is crucial for business success. Our process improves selection probability and increases retention rates, thereby reducing turnover. EPC offers the highest quality predictive testing and psychological-behavioral interviewing methods to avoid hiring mistakes.  There is nothing more frustrating to hire someone, especially a key leader or salesperson and find out they are not working out in their new position. So much wasted time and money, only to find out it was a wrong hire. So, why not employ the highest quality of predictive testing and psychological-behavioral selection available when evaluating new candidates for hire. EPC utilizes offers 3 steps in its pre-hire selection service.

Three Step Process for Selection Enhancement

1. Predictive Leadership/Sales Performance Testing

EPC uses one of the very few tests available that has undergone the scientific rigor of extensive predictive validity research. Thus, it offers the hard data of how well the test actually predicts later leadership effectiveness as well as sales performance after a candidate has been on the job for 1-2 years. Specifically, the test has an usually high “hit rate” for successfully identifying top performers, namely 70% of managers and salespeople recommended for hire by the test are rated in the top half of performance by superiors’ evaluations (and actual sales productivity for salespeople). It is the most extensive test investigating the critical personality dimensions of executives/mangers and sales people that predict success on the job.

In fact, it is a leader in performance prediction and selection testing as evidenced by the fact it has been used by over twenty professional sports teams, especially for numerous teams in the NBA draft selection process. An independent study of professional basketball players assessed with this test for the draft indicates that those players recommended by the test later scored 909 points in their rookie season compared to only 376 points for those not recommended. They also rebounded 320 times compared to 160, blocked 51 shots compared to 23; made 207 assists compared with 91; and averaged 77 steals compared to 33.

2. Psychologist-Coach Interviewing

Multiple areas of desired candidate competencies in intelligence, verbal ability, interpersonal skills, communication/persuasiveness, etc. are all complex and often difficult to assess by busy executives in the interview process. So the unique perspective of an executive coach/psychologist provides another valuable resource. This is especially true when there are differing opinions by managers after interviewing a candidate and/or when there are contradictions between test data and face-to-face impressions, both of which frequently occur in any hiring process.

3. Structured Behavioral Interview Ratings (Optional)

Research in organizational psychology has consistently demonstrated that using a structured behavioral interview ratings process significantly increases the effectiveness of candidate selection whenever there are multiple managers interviewing a given candidate. This involves designing a set of tailor made questions and behavioral observation rating areas that best tap into the most desirable characteristics and competencies for a given position.