Individual Executive Leadership Coaching

Based on the feedback I’ve received from others, I can honestly say that I’ve seen some pretty remarkable changes in my leadership. In fact, it’s impacted most everyone in my area and our culture. My subordinates say they’ve seen me change in big ways, helping better motivate them, break down barriers and work better as a team… Interestingly, I had recently participated in a leadership development process as part of an Organizational Development class. We read the book Discover Your Strengths (by Buckingham) and went through the strengths assessment process. Although interesting, it didn’t really give anything that I could more concretely work on to change or improve, so nothing really changed. The experience with Dr. McCarthy’s coaching program was much more helpful. It took me almost immediately right to the leadership areas that were the most critical for me personally. Although it also helped me understand my strengths, more importantly, it helped me understand what I needed to actually do to really improve as a leader. The program gave me new habits and behaviors that had practical application and I’ve been practicing those things on a daily basis.

Transportation Industry Company

As vice president of a national moving company I’ve had the privilege to work with Dr. McCarthy as personal coach. In addition, I’ve seen his coaching affect the lives and careers of many other managers in our company. We’ve had approximately 30 of our managers go through either his individual executive coaching or the team leadership coaching. Both programs have been effective in preparing our high potential leaders for future advancement or for those derailing executives needing to be challenged…From a personal perspective, I have to say I’ve found the coaching with Dr. McCarthy early in my career invaluable. It was instrumental for helping my advancement within the organization occur at a much faster pace than it probably would have without the program. The initial coaching helped me change some very important things about my leadership… I highly recommend Dr. McCarthy and the program!

National Moving Company

Leadership Team Coaching and Profit Improvement

Actually, I was at first a real skeptic and reluctant to even start the program. It took several months of encouragement and persuasion by others in our company who had already used the program before I agreed to it. After starting it, however, I can honestly say it was one of the best things I’d ever done… We are on our way to netting a much higher cost savings amount this year as a result… All in all, I have to say I’ve been exceedingly happy with the results of working with Dr. McCarthy and his unusual coaching program which has made my managers, as well as myself, better leaders, helping us improve the way we get business done. I recommend him and his program highly.

Roger Skime, EVP Snowmobile Engineering
Arctic Cat Inc.

Our management team has gained new insights about themselves as leaders, and has taken our company’s quality to a higher level… In the first 3 months of applying the program’s quality improvement efforts, we’ve realized a 30% dpm drop in customer rejections. We project we’ll attain 50% less dpms by year end Dec. 06 compared to Dec. 05…I believe we will achieve world-class quality in the near future.

Mike Larson, President & CEO
Lou-Rich Inc.

The work really had a great impact on our leadership team, the whole way we run our field operations and our company profitability. One of our most important goals with the program was to increase net pre-tax profit margin. We did accomplish this, however not by just a small amount, actually 7% in one year. In my opinion, if we had stayed where we were without the program I don’t think we would have ever been able to achieve this… I think the program would be helpful for others in the construction industry… We had worked with two other consultants in the past who were of some help. However, we got more accomplished with Dr. McCarthy in one week than months and months of work with them.

Tony Nickolaus, VP Field Operations
Mulcahy Inc.

Leading-Edge Best Practices Sales Training

We found Dr. McCarthy’s High Performance Sales Coaching Program to be particularly important for our company in breaking through our own “glass ceiling” in sales for what we thought we were capable of achieving… To our surprise, we not only achieved our challenge goal but also surpassed it with 33% sales growth … I found it very different and far more effective than other traditional sales trainings we had experienced… I highly recommend Dr. McCarthy and his program as a way for any company to really challenge themselves to achieve at a level they may not have imagined possible.

Vince Underwood, VP Sales
RT/Dygert International

…Before starting the program, sales growth had been flat at 0%… within 10 months we had achieved a 13.5% sales growth for the year… In particular, Dr. McCarthy helped me personally in my own development showing me how to be much more effective in coaching my people with things I needed to change in order to improve myself. I give the highest recommendation to Dr. McCarthy and the sales coaching program. I believe it is capable of helping any sales team better itself, whether they are older veterans or brand new people.

Doug Mohrland, Sales Director
Berger Transfer

Our salespeople have been very happy with the new proof data and best practices helping them finally get in new doors. It was quite exciting to see the testimonials we were able to get from current customers. They gave us amazing quotes about how our performance was superior to competitors and how we helped them achieve “double digit” cost savings and sales growth.…This program really can surprisingly change the capability and effectiveness of your salespeople when differentiating your product and service. And it gives the sustained coaching needed to see real change in salespeople’s behavior. I highly recommend the program and Dr. McCarthy!

John Olivanti, EVP Sales & Marketing
Smyth Companies, LLC

…Our sales disciplines are very much improved. We can quantify many improvements, but one of the most compelling results from our sales development program is the 30% increase in face-to-face appointments that we have experienced in January through April… The High Performance Sales Coaching program helped our company gain these new opportunities for revenue growth.

William T. Cirone, President/CEO
Federal Companies

I’ve been exceedingly happy with how we have greatly improved our sales productivity in a relatively short period of time. As a result of starting the program, we are much more aggressively going after new business and closing it, so that our sales are now 15-35% ahead of our competition in the market right now.

Lumber and Supply Company

After only just four months since stating the program, I’ve seen a noticeable change in the behavior of our partners. We have now made the shift to a far more serious company-wide commitment to business development. What I appreciate is that we now have the consistency of a business development process in place… Seeing this kind of change in our partners, who had been less attentive to business development, is exactly what we were looking for… What I like about his program is that it’s a very well thought out plan, long enough to help accomplish behavioral pattern change. Frankly, we’ve been through the short term, “hit or miss’ type training. We did a two-day training in the past that was disappointing, even setting us back… We didn’t go through “fluff” exercises, but went right to the core of business development behavior.

Paul Erickson, President